• Find the Perfect Holiday Gift Online

    Find the Perfect Holiday Gift Online by Shopping Co-Creation Sites

    How do you find the perfect holiday gift for the person on your list who is absolutely impossible to shop for? It’s an age-old question. But new online businesses are emerging that make it even easier than ever. It’s called co-creation and it means being as much a part of the design process as the purchasing process. Companies like Nike and Starbucks have taken advantage of co-creation as a movement, letting their customers weigh in on what they should be selling or customize what they’re buying at the moment. Sites like Wikipedia even fall under the definition of “co-creative,” because lots of people chip in on the final product that…

  • 5 Warning Signs Your Kid Will Be Bad With Finances

    5 Warning Signs Your Kid Will Be Bad With Finances

    We all want to provide for our children, and we have an overwhelming desire to do whatever it takes – regardless of your “situation” – to leave them with a better life than we had. But sometimes we make the mistake of inadvertently setting our children up for the wrong kind of relationship with money. Here are 5 signs your child might be developing the wrong kind of relationship with money: 1. They’re Always Asking For Things Whether it’s a new toy at Target or a piece of candy in line at the grocery store, if your child has a need to buy something every time he or she is…

  • Save Money with Technology

    How to Save Money with Technology You Already Have Access to

    Part of me believes technology will save the world. Already it solves so many problems. A smarter car produces fewer pollutants, recycling technology preserves landfill space, and the Internet lets people everywhere find work that otherwise would not be available without ever turning the key of a gas-burning vehicle. Writing for the web, I sometimes feel as though I am making something from nothing — turning the ether into cash in my bank account simply by working hard and applying myself. Technology doesn’t just help people like me make money. It helps us save money too. Blogs alone provide a wealth of information and advice that teach us things we…

  • Credit Card Rewards Trap Consumers

    New Research Confirms: Credit Card Rewards Trap Consumers

    You don’t have to be a Federal Reserve researcher to understand that credit card rewards successfully entice people to spend more than they should. Recently, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago took the time to report just that — releasing a study explaining exactly how much more people spend and how that increased spending affects personal debt. While the focus of the report, that rewards credit cards lead to more spending and more debt, may seem like a no-brainer, this kind of research is good for demonstrating this truth to naysayers. This kind of work is a breath of fresh air for us at PerkStreet, because we actually find that…

  • 7 Secrets of Savvy, Money-Saving Shoppers

    7 Secrets of Savvy, Money-Saving Shoppers

    When you throw open the glass doors and cross the magnetic anti-shoplifting threshold, you are entering a battle zone. Department stores, electronics stores, home improvement stores, lingerie stores, even your grocery store—they’ve all spent millions of dollars and countless hours studying consumer habits, and they’ve been preparing to take advantage of that knowledge. But smart and savvy consumers don’t play by the normal rules of retail. When you look at shoppers who are focused on saving money, spending wisely and getting the best deal possible, there are several key traits that set them apart. Here are the 7 Secrets of the Savvy, Money-Saving Shopper. 1. Savvy Shoppers Ask Questions Savvy shoppers constantly…

  • Simple Secrets to Saving More at the Grocery Store

    Simple Secrets to Saving More at the Grocery Store

    You wanna know where most people spend most of their money?  The grocery store. It’s why your mom always had a little box or a portfolio of grocery coupons, and frankly, it’s why you probably should, too. If you’re trying to beat back your budget by cutting the latte’s out, take a look at the places where most of your spending happens and you’ll find that you are probably dumping way more on name brand cereal and at the shiny new gas station in your neighborhood than you are at Starbucks. 5 Tips to Save More at the Grocery Store I have a routine I follow that saves me approximately $60 per…

  • Financial Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire
    Personal Finance

    6 Financial Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire

    My grandparents live in a 950 square foot, single-wide “trailer.” My grandfather has owned, operated, grown, and sold several businesses over his lifetime. He and my grandmother have lived below their means, invested in property and mutual funds, and now, in their mid-sixties, they’re very wealthy. In fact, they’re multi-millionaires. I’ve learned a lot about personal finance through their success, and want to share the 6 lessons I’ve learned from my grandparents — the multi-millionaires. Lesson 1: You Don’t NEED the Nice, Big, New ______! Before the mobile home, these millionaires lived in a very modest, 1,800 sqft, 3-bedroom home in a very ‘normal’ neighborhood. Their neighbors never would have…

  • Single Income Household

    A Single Income Household: Why and How We Do It

    Last year my wife and I had our first child, our son Carter. The months building up until the day he was born were hectic – buying all the baby gear that we needed, setting up the nursery and just thinking about how life would be once we started living on one income, my wife planning on staying home with our son. I’ve always read that living on one income before you need to is a good way to get a feel for what it’s like, so we decided to do just that a few months before our son was born. We started living on my income alone, banking my wife’s income…

  • How to Use Your Credit Card Wisely

    Spend Responsibly: How to Use Your Credit Card Wisely

    Editor’s Note: The following is the opinion of Jason Price, not necessarily the opinion of PerkStreet Financial. PerkStreet maintains that a responsible budgeter can live an outstanding financial life without the need for credit cards. Indeed, our debit cards help thousands of people fight credit card debt and find financial peace every single day. Do you own a credit card? The chances are pretty good you do. If so, do you manage your credit card wisely each month, or does your credit card manage you? If you’re paying off your balance each month and have established some spending control, then you’re managing your credit card wisely. You use your credit card…

  • 401k Loan Interest: Everything You Need to Know

    401k Loan Interest: Everything You Need to Know

    If you’re considering taking out a 401k loan — borrowing from your 401k — then you’ve probably already heard that there’s interest involved in this loan. So what’s the deal with this 401k loan interest? Let’s take a look. First of all, don’t take borrowing against your 401k lightly. Yes, it’s your money and you’ve already earned it, but you should not think of your 401k the same way that you think of your savings account. First of all, this is the retirement income you’re talking about. If you mess it up, nobody’s going to fix it for you, and you won’t have enough time to refill it through more hard…