Cancel Your Cable: Why It’s Time to Switch to Internet TV

The average cable subscriber in the United States is paying $70 a month for hundreds of stations, while they only watch two or three channels most of the time. Why pay all that money for only a handful of stations you really use? You can streamline your television experience and cut out those monthly payments simply by getting rid of that old-fashioned television service.

With the large number of television shows and movies available for little or no cost online, there is no reason to keep paying your cable company month after month! Here’s how to dump that expense.

Switching to Web TV Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Favorites

Online television services are growing rapidly, and they offer many of the shows you normally watch. and Netflix are the two biggest streaming services. Between them, you will find almost every network television program the day after it airs on regular TV. These services also offer lots of streaming movies — Netflix now reportedly has around 12,000!. Boxee is an online service that offers television programs, movies, and access to your personal video and music files, though the company now encourages you to buy the Boxee Box to operate it. Apple’s iTunes service allows you to watch some movies and TV shows free or purchase them individually. Each of these services, subject to a small subscription fee, has free content, or you can pay a small fee to view even more content. The bottom line is there’s a ton out there, and if there’s something you’re afraid to miss, you’re likely going to be able to find it on the Internet.

Watching on Network Websites has Never Been a Better Experience

Television networks have quickly adapted to this new medium for delivering their shows. Most of the networks you find on a typical cable television lineup have extensive websites where you can watch full or partial programs free. Services like SetJam and Clicker compile television listings from across the Internet so you can search for a particular program and find it easily. If you like sports, most of the professional leagues offer special Internet packages for viewing games live or on a delay. Even then, you can certainly keep track of a game without watching it for free online now —‘s Gameday technology is about as close to the real thing as you could imagine. The logical next step is simply more web-streamed live content.

Connecting Your TV Directly to the Internet is Easy

It can be depressing to think of watching your favorite shows on a tiny computer screen after you’ve gotten used to your big high definition flat screen TV. You don’t have to give up the television when you get rid of cable. Many of the newest televisions are equipped with Wi-Fi connections so that you can browse the Internet TV sites with your remote control. If your TV doesn’t connect directly, you can hook it up to your laptop or desktop and use it as a monitor after a pretty straight forward cable purchase. A wireless mouse and keyboard make it easy to surf the Web from your couch. It’s so easy that my 10-year-old can do it.

Switching Means Saving Not Just Money, but Time

Once you get used to watching television on demand, you will find that you have more free time as well as more spending money. Most of the streaming services have cut out commercials, so an hour-long program will run for about 45 minutes. Since you can watch the shows whenever you have the time, you don’t have to schedule your life around a specific date and time. Watching television when it fits your schedule will leave you more flexibility to keep up with the shows you want to see and still do all of the things you want during your evenings. Say good-bye to wasting time on the boob tube with junk TV and hello to extra cash in your pocket.

What are your favorite ways to watch video content from the Internet? Do you have any tricks or hacks that have worked well for you? Please share!

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