• Find the Perfect Holiday Gift Online

    Find the Perfect Holiday Gift Online by Shopping Co-Creation Sites

    How do you find the perfect holiday gift for the person on your list who is absolutely impossible to shop for? It’s an age-old question. But new online businesses are emerging that make it even easier than ever. It’s called co-creation and it means being as much a part of the design process as the purchasing process. Companies like Nike and Starbucks have taken advantage of co-creation as a movement, letting their customers weigh in on what they should be selling or customize what they’re buying at the moment. Sites like Wikipedia even fall under the definition of “co-creative,” because lots of people chip in on the final product that…

  • 5 Warning Signs Your Kid Will Be Bad With Finances

    5 Warning Signs Your Kid Will Be Bad With Finances

    We all want to provide for our children, and we have an overwhelming desire to do whatever it takes – regardless of your “situation” – to leave them with a better life than we had. But sometimes we make the mistake of inadvertently setting our children up for the wrong kind of relationship with money. Here are 5 signs your child might be developing the wrong kind of relationship with money: 1. They’re Always Asking For Things Whether it’s a new toy at Target or a piece of candy in line at the grocery store, if your child has a need to buy something every time he or she is…

  • Save Money with Technology

    How to Save Money with Technology You Already Have Access to

    Part of me believes technology will save the world. Already it solves so many problems. A smarter car produces fewer pollutants, recycling technology preserves landfill space, and the Internet lets people everywhere find work that otherwise would not be available without ever turning the key of a gas-burning vehicle. Writing for the web, I sometimes feel as though I am making something from nothing — turning the ether into cash in my bank account simply by working hard and applying myself. Technology doesn’t just help people like me make money. It helps us save money too. Blogs alone provide a wealth of information and advice that teach us things we…

  • Single Income Household

    A Single Income Household: Why and How We Do It

    Last year my wife and I had our first child, our son Carter. The months building up until the day he was born were hectic – buying all the baby gear that we needed, setting up the nursery and just thinking about how life would be once we started living on one income, my wife planning on staying home with our son. I’ve always read that living on one income before you need to is a good way to get a feel for what it’s like, so we decided to do just that a few months before our son was born. We started living on my income alone, banking my wife’s income…

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    What if My Emergency Fund is Not Enough? Discussion

    Editor’s Note: As part of a special project on The PerkStreet Blog, we’re offering a free question and answer columns on Saturdays with Customer Columnists Clint and Katy Davis of Davis Coaching. If you have a question you’d like to submit to get advice from these financial coaches, email it to editors@perkstreet.com. I’ve been working to get out of debt for the last 2 years and I’m in the home-stretch. I have an emergency fund of $1000 and have never had to use it. But what if I had an emergency that cost $3000? I understand it is a starter fund, but what if a $3000 expense fell in my lap tomorrow?…

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    How to Build the Most Basic Budget Possible

    Let’s face it. Budgeting just isn’t easy for some people. They try to budget unsuccessfully time and time again. We’ve written all kinds of things about building budgets, from how to do it with a pencil and paper to how to use technology to make it easier. We’ve written about how to optimize your budget and how to get back on the horse if you fail at budgeting. I figured it was high time we delivered an article about how to boil budgeting down to the bare essentials. Here’s how to budget as simply as possible: The Wants vs. Needs Budget This is a budgeting technique my father taught me when I was about 7 years old, and…

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    2 Simple Ways To Know Exactly How To Fix Your Finances

    The Two Big Financial Questions To take control of your money, fix your finances, get debt free and achieve financial freedom, you have to do the impossible: You have to completely think outside of yourself. You have to disconnect from your own emotions, habits, perspective and rationale. As you sit in front of your budget, bank statements or stacks of bills, you have to determine two things: 1. Exactly how did I get where I am today? 2. How exactly do I move forward and fix my financial situation? When you can determine exactly how you got ‘here’ and exactly how to get ‘there,’ magical things can happen. Your confidence increases. Self-control becomes easier. You make…

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    How to Build a Monthly Budget With a Pencil and Paper

    I’ll admit, I’ve tried all the high tech budgeting software programs out there and failed. Miserably. [Looking for a budget you can stick to? Build it with our free, email-based budgeting course!] I’ve tried to be good and keep my records up to date, stack my receipts and enter them like a good girl to get caught up each week. But it just doesn’t work for me. I’d get behind and then try to catch back up only to realize I was even further behind. It was just one more thing on my to-do list that never ended up getting done. The best and most reliable method I have found…

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    Cyber Monday Statistics: What to Expect this Year

    Cyber Monday statistics from the last few years have been good for retailers as well as consumers. This means the upcoming Cyber Monday deals will likely be better than ever, and it also means more consumers will be competing to buy up the limited supplies of goods available on the Monday after Thanksgiving. What is Cyber Monday? The name “Cyber Monday” was created by Shop.org in 2005 to connote the Monday after Black Friday and highlight the various sales available online on the first business day after the big brick-and-mortar consumer rush begins. Since then, Cyber Monday has become a household holiday. As more people discover the deep discounts available on…

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    Cancel Your Cable: Why It’s Time to Switch to Internet TV

    The average cable subscriber in the United States is paying $70 a month for hundreds of stations, while they only watch two or three channels most of the time. Why pay all that money for only a handful of stations you really use? You can streamline your television experience and cut out those monthly payments simply by getting rid of that old-fashioned television service. With the large number of television shows and movies available for little or no cost online, there is no reason to keep paying your cable company month after month! Here’s how to dump that expense. Switching to Web TV Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Favorites Online television…