• Credit Card Rewards Trap Consumers

    New Research Confirms: Credit Card Rewards Trap Consumers

    You don’t have to be a Federal Reserve researcher to understand that credit card rewards successfully entice people to spend more than they should. Recently, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago took the time to report just that — releasing a study explaining exactly how much more people spend and how that increased spending affects personal debt. While the focus of the report, that rewards credit cards lead to more spending and more debt, may seem like a no-brainer, this kind of research is good for demonstrating this truth to naysayers. This kind of work is a breath of fresh air for us at PerkStreet, because we actually find that…

  • How to Use Your Credit Card Wisely

    Spend Responsibly: How to Use Your Credit Card Wisely

    Editor’s Note: The following is the opinion of Jason Price, not necessarily the opinion of PerkStreet Financial. PerkStreet maintains that a responsible budgeter can live an outstanding financial life without the need for credit cards. Indeed, our debit cards help thousands of people fight credit card debt and find financial peace every single day. Do you own a credit card? The chances are pretty good you do. If so, do you manage your credit card wisely each month, or does your credit card manage you? If you’re paying off your balance each month and have established some spending control, then you’re managing your credit card wisely. You use your credit card…

  • Credits

    Credit Karma and Credit Sesame: Free Protection for Your Credit Score (and Your Identity)

    If you’re worrying about being the victim of identity theft, you should also be concerned enough to be looking for ways to protect your good credit score. Monitoring your credit score is a great way to find out whether your identity has been compromised. The problem is that many of the free credit reporting services only offer access to your score once per year. They’re just not as good as they could be. Some up-and-coming new websites have improved this experience: Credit Karma and Credit Sesame can help you retake control of your credit score. Credit Karma and Credit Sesame: Both Offering Free Credit Scores Both Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are free, which…