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    6 Financial Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire

    My grandparents live in a 950 square foot, single-wide “trailer.” My grandfather has owned, operated, grown, and sold several businesses over his lifetime. He and my grandmother have lived below their means, invested in property and mutual funds, and now, in their mid-sixties, they’re very wealthy. In fact, they’re multi-millionaires. I’ve learned a lot about personal finance through their success, and want to share the 6 lessons I’ve learned from my grandparents — the multi-millionaires. Lesson 1: You Don’t NEED the Nice, Big, New ______! Before the mobile home, these millionaires lived in a very modest, 1,800 sqft, 3-bedroom home in a very ‘normal’ neighborhood. Their neighbors never would have…

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    Should I Fund an IRA or Finish Paying Off Loans?

    Editor’s Note: As part of a special project on The PerkStreet Blog, we’re offering free question and answer columns on Saturdays with Customer Columnists Clint and Katy Davis of Davis Coaching. If you have a question you’d like to submit to get advice from these financial coaches, email it to editors@perkstreet.com. Question 1: Fund an IRA or Pay off Debt? Dear Clint and Katy, My husband and I have been working hard and we’ve paid off all our credit card debt. We still have one student loan left at about $56,000, and our total combined income is about $144,000. We’re considering funding our IRAs while we finish paying off the college…