• 7 Secrets of Savvy, Money-Saving Shoppers

    7 Secrets of Savvy, Money-Saving Shoppers

    When you throw open the glass doors and cross the magnetic anti-shoplifting threshold, you are entering a battle zone. Department stores, electronics stores, home improvement stores, lingerie stores, even your grocery store—they’ve all spent millions of dollars and countless hours studying consumer habits, and they’ve been preparing to take advantage of that knowledge. But smart and savvy consumers don’t play by the normal rules of retail. When you look at shoppers who are focused on saving money, spending wisely and getting the best deal possible, there are several key traits that set them apart. Here are the 7 Secrets of the Savvy, Money-Saving Shopper. 1. Savvy Shoppers Ask Questions Savvy shoppers constantly…

  • Simple Secrets to Saving More at the Grocery Store

    Simple Secrets to Saving More at the Grocery Store

    You wanna know where most people spend most of their money?  The grocery store. It’s why your mom always had a little box or a portfolio of grocery coupons, and frankly, it’s why you probably should, too. If you’re trying to beat back your budget by cutting the latte’s out, take a look at the places where most of your spending happens and you’ll find that you are probably dumping way more on name brand cereal and at the shiny new gas station in your neighborhood than you are at Starbucks. 5 Tips to Save More at the Grocery Store I have a routine I follow that saves me approximately $60 per…