Personal Finance Pulse: Women Read about Personal Finance More than Men

Last week, we surveyed expert personal finance writers from across the country for our monthly “Personal Finance Pulse.” This is our second survey of these great writers and bloggers, and we’re proud to be able to gather their thoughts all together. The goal here is to share the aggregate opinion of some of the best minds in personal finance — to show you, our readers, what’s going on right now when it comes to saving money and living a better financial life.

Women More Interested in Improving their Finances?

All told, 68.2% of respondents to this month’s survey reported believing women are more interested in the personal finance content they write. Just 31.8% report believing men are more interested in learning to improve their financial lives from these publications. Going against common stereotypes, these data suggest women are now more proactive about making financial improvements than men.

“Women tend to focus on spending wisely – what is often called ‘saving money’ – and making extra money, while men tend to focus on investing or ideas for small businesses,” said Phil Taylor, Editor of the popular personal finance blog PT Money in his response to the survey.

Most Experts Believe Gen Y is Learning from the Recession

Young people coming of age in this challenging financial landscape just might end up better for it. A majority (56.5%) of the personal finance writers surveyed believe Gen Y has been prepared as well or better than Gen X to successfully manage their finances during their lifetimes. Of that 56.5%, some 34.8% report believing Gen Y is better off, and 21.7% say they believe Gen Y and Gen X are equally prepared.

“Reputation aside, Gen-Yers have had a personal finance trial by fire,” said Anisha Sekar, a regular contributor at NerdWallet. “Between student loans, an anemic job market and being in the last-hired-first-fired group, much of this generation learned frugality and saving by necessity.”

Thanks go out to everyone who participated in the survey this month. If you’re a personal finance writer or blogger interested in participating in our next monthly survey, please email and we’ll be happy to include you after verifying you write regularly about personal finance.

Do any of these aggregate results surprise you? Do you agree with what most of these experts are saying? Weigh in below by leaving a comment for the community.

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