7 Secrets of Savvy, Money-Saving Shoppers

7 Secrets of Savvy, Money-Saving Shoppers

When you throw open the glass doors and cross the magnetic anti-shoplifting threshold, you are entering a battle zone. Department stores, electronics stores, home improvement stores, lingerie stores, even your grocery store—they’ve all spent millions of dollars and countless hours studying consumer habits, and they’ve been preparing to take advantage of that knowledge.

But smart and savvy consumers don’t play by the normal rules of retail. When you look at shoppers who are focused on saving money, spending wisely and getting the best deal possible, there are several key traits that set them apart. Here are the 7 Secrets of the Savvy, Money-Saving Shopper.

1. Savvy Shoppers Ask Questions

Savvy shoppers constantly ask, “Why?” They want to know why it’s made this way, why this is better than that, and what they’re really getting. They review the specs, the contract, and the warranty (standard, not extended). They know that the more questions they ask, the better equipped they are to make smart buying decisions.

2. Savvy Shoppers Are Patient

These money-saving deal finders know that a rushed buying decision usually means getting less than the best deal. They’re in no hurry and are willing to take the time to gather the pertinent information to make an informed choice.

3. Savvy Shoppers Compare Everything

Successful shoppers compare products incessantly. They judge one brand against another and one seller against another, both before and during the purchasing process. Just ask any junior high student who spends all their time on the web whether he’d buy something without first knowing what else was available. (Bet you can’t find one… I’ll wait.)

4. Savvy Shoppers Consume Information

Buyers who get the best deals and save the most money devour product reviews and information from mainstream and social media, and blogs like this one. (By the way, thanks for reading!). I can’t remember the last time I spent more than $100 on an item without first spending time online reading and comparing reviews and recommendations. It just makes sense!

5. Savvy Shoppers Obsess Over the Fine Print

The companies they deal with are fixated on it, so why shouldn’t they be too? Everything is easier for those who look closely and inspect before signing. They pay close attention to price, read the disclosures and end-user agreement, file every receipt, and document the name of the sales person or manager they deal with—smart to do, especially online or on the phone.

6. Savvy Shoppers Always Remember

If you sell one of these savvy consumers a dud, they’ll hold onto that memory for years to come. Bad service? They’ll tell the manager and may never come back. Crappy product? They’ll return it and never buy from you again. On the positive side, if they buy a product or service and love it, they’ll share that experience with everyone who’ll listen.

7. Savvy Shoppers Consider More than Just Price

The smartest shoppers among us know the difference between “cheap” and “inexpensive.”These customers look for quality, service and price—the triple threat—when making their buying decisions. They also do the math. Is it less expensive to buy 3 of a cheaper item or just 1 of a higher quality version?

When you develop these 7 basic savvy-shopper characteristics, you will be well prepared to enter the battle zone of the marketplace, make smart choices, find the best deals and save big time money!

What are some tips you have for the savvy shoppers out there? What are shopping habits you have that save you money? Share them in our comments section below! 

Clint and Katy Davis are PerkStreet Customer Columnists and founders of Davis Coaching. As financial coaches, their passion is helping people become and stay debt free! Their personalized coaching is designed to help you get your financial life where you want it to be. Like personal trainers for your finances, they can help you develop a specific plan to achieve your goals, and provide the expertise and accountability to get you there. If you’re ready to take control of your financial life, visit Davis Coaching online, check out the Davis Coaching blog, and connect with Clint and Katy on Twitter and Facebook.

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