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I never leave my apartment without the essentials: my phone and my debit card. I love shopping for a new phone, even when I don’t need one. The most basic phones are always improving and at the high end, there just might be a feature that changes my life. Experimenting with the new iPhone, I felt a thrill up my spine every time it rang.

I don’t get that same thrill when it comes to picking a checking account or using my debit card. The thought of shopping for a new bank account is below taxes on my list of things to do. I come from the financial services industry and I can’t tell the difference between accounts at one bank versus another. While the world has changed rather dramatically over the years, the basic checking account is still, well, basic.

I think it’s wrong that something so fundamental to your financial life provides so little value. I think it’s time we were excited to tell people where we bank. I think it’s time that we felt a burst of joy and pride when we opened our wallet. Sure, they guy with the fancy gold card gets that, but what about the rest of us?

I decided that there was a better way to serve customers, one that would provide them with fantastic rewards for using their debit cards. Together with a group of other like-minded bankers, I founded PerkStreet Financial to create a better kind of checking account.

Between the Fine Print is the beginning of our journey where we’ll share our vision, shed light on banking questions and brainstorm what would make your bank as exciting as other service providers like Virgin Air or Apple.

If you have thoughts on PerkStreet’s vision or a banking question you’d like answered, please email us at ideas@  Let us know if you’re interested in hearing more about our products as we launch and sign up for Between the Fine Print posts via RSS or email.

Kyle is the Editor of the PerkStreet Blog and works full-time on the PerkStreet team managing communications and public relations efforts in-house. As Editor, he writes alongside personal fiance bloggers from around the web who have also created great reputations for helping people learn valuable information about budgeting, fighting debt and saving money. His personal goal is to make sure that the articles on the PerkStreet Blog provide the most relevant, interesting and informative content about personal finance you'll find.Kyle is tasked with upholding the values of transparency, community and education that PerkStreet holds dear. You can find him on Twitter @KylePs80 or email him directly at kyle.psaty at perkstreet dot com. Interested in writing for the PerkStreet Blog? Have something you think the PerkStreet Blog should write about? Drop him a line any time.Below is Kyle's latest writing, but don't forget to visit the PerkStreet Blog Homepage to find the latest tips, news and insights in the world of personal finance from everyone who contributes to this online publication!

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